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The descendant forms the cusp of the seventh house of the horoscope and refers to partners or relationships.

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The descendant is ruled by the seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra , and its ruler planet, Venus. The sign the seventh house is in represents, for astrologers, the sign of people you are the most attracted by, you easily get along well with and you are most likely to start a love relationship with, if backed up by other zodiacal aspects. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Descendant Reveals What We Reject in Ourselves & Project Onto Others

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Planets and Points in Love Sub-Pages. Now, there are two things Moses obviously possessed, one was his staff, the other was the truth. But it is hardly sensible to place the staff in the breast plate, it is more sensible to consider them as two testaments, one being what the Lord said and did, the other the testimony of what the Israelites actually did. Taurus was the father of all those that play the harp or the flute, that is to say Taurus is the father of Gemini, and David was the most famous harp player in the O.

But in what sense is Gemini, or David, said to be the youngest, considering Gemini comes immediately after Taurus you might expect he would be the fifth son of Jesse, but he turns out to be the 8th.

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The 8th sign in Sacred Astrology is Virgo, and it marks the point when the child is conceived, not when it is born, it is born 9 months later in Gemini. It was conceived when the Egyptian god Seth lured Isis into her own vineyards, got her drunk and raped her.

For Horus was a child of Gemini. Even in this day and age, when the understanding of Sacred Astrology has hit rock bottom, we find that the Gemini personality, favours musicianship, Great and interesting speakers, and story tellers, the very life and soul of parties. Even though this is misinterpreted, it overall holds some truth. Take king Saul for instance; the people demanded a king, even though God was their King, they needed something they could see, touch, talk to: so, God gave them what they demanded, under the name of Saul.

But their behaviour, and Saul's, was no better than it was before. It was no better than the behaviour of the Hebrews in Egypt after Moses had been born; and nor was his, any better. For he was born a Hebrew- Israelite, but for 40 years he lived as an Egyptian Prince, and he did not give, a monkey's what the people, whom he had come to save did. But in reality, Moses, King Saul, and Saul who would become Paul, not only did not put things to right, they behaved as bad as everyone else. Indeed, Moses was nearly killed by God, because he did not conform, KING Saul was killed for his sins, and Paul even set out to persecute the Essenes, and was blinded, to bring him to his senses.

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But in even truer reality King Saul and David were 2 different sides to the same person. That is why when David appeared before Saul, and offered to fight Goliath, Saul did not recognize him, even though he had employed him as his harp player, and armour bearer for several years. In other words, he did not recognize himself. Now the Egyptian god Anubis, symbolized the Horizon just before the sun rose and immediately after sunset, a type of Mercury, which sometimes a morning star and sometimes an evening star, just like Moses etc.

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  • There is confusion over Anubis's form, for he was a jackal headed god, but he is often spoken of as being a wolf, or even a dog. But the jackals of ancient Egypt which certainly survived up until very recent times were known for hanging around the high ground at the edge of the desert edge, where the ancient Egyptians buried their dead.

    Descendant in Gemini

    The jackal has the habit of prowling around the graveyards, scavenging. The confusion probably occurred as other people moved into Egypt, firstly you could rightly see jackals as desert wolves; but later dogs were brought in confusing the matter further. But also, I find the twins themselves portrayed as dogs according to Kircher, [see plate 2. Anubis became connected with Osiris, and he was even credited with the mummification of Osiris, and so on, but time and ignorance has hidden many things.

    Now, in Jacobs blessing of Judah, it states the scepter and the rulers staff will not depart from between his legs until the one it belongs to, comes, 'until Shiloh comes'. And this has to do with Hercules. I find in the planisphere of Egypt, by the 2nd Hermes, drawn by Kircher. That the Gemini twins are named Hercules and Apollo. As such they represent the Earthly and the Heavenly: Hercules, the earthly, Apollo the later. In India, they signified this difference by portraying the twins as girl [earthly] and a boy [heavenly]. Furthermore, in Jacobs story, the only children born directly by Rachel were Joseph and Benjamin, and the name Rachel signifies 'a sheep' considering the sign is that of the Messiah, who better to give birth to the Lamb, of God.

    Amongst the disciples we find that Nathanael was allotted to the sign of Gemini. But he was at that point the heavenly twin; for we hear nothing of him apart from the time Philip brought him to Jesus: I have covered this point in the chapter on Taurus. And as Gemini is the only sign that can cross the Milky Way, like Moses he suspends the waters and walks across.

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    Now we cannot leave Gemini without discussing one last thing, and it is by no means a little thing. One of the largest constellations seems to have disappeared. No one who wished to navigate the open seas by the stars could ignore this constellation, it was huge, and yet where has it gone? Moses tells us that Eve was deceived the Serpent.

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    And the serpent fell from the heavens and slithered off and hide away from the Sun's and Eves glaring eyes. And Aaron threw his staff down in front of Pharaoh and his officials, and it turned into a snake.

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    But Pharaoh called upon his wise men and sorcerers, and the Egyptian magicians did the same thing by their secret arts. But Aaron's snake swallowed up the Egyptian snakes. And took hold of the snake by its tail and it turned back into a staff. And they tell us that it was an Egyptian general called Moses who is credited with clearing Egypt of snakes, when his army had to cross an area that was infested with them.