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Then comes Taurus, April 21 through May Those signs, and how they correspond with astrological bodies and their seasonal revolutions, are used in the creation of horoscopes. Daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes are printed in various publications and are available online. From a series of interviews in the Angola and Auburn areas, it seems most northeastern Indiana people are rather ambivalent about zodiac predictions. While many people said they read their horoscopes, most of them did not put much faith into what they foretold.

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Some said they did not read their horoscopes at all. Others said they do not believe in astrology due to religious convictions. Francis University student. Now I don't have time to read them.

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Brunner, a Steuben County resident, said she read horoscopes for fun and because her friends and older sister did. Angola High School ninth-grader Karisa Day reads her horoscope in daily e-mails. They're vague, he said, "so most of them do come true at one time or another. Astrological readings range from vague overviews provided by monthly horoscopes to in-depth profiles in "The Secret Language of Birthdays. Each zodiac sign purportedly represents particular personality traits, and is characterized by a symbol or animal.

Laurie Tetzloff of Ashley, a Pisces born between Feb. Pisces are patient and submissive, and may act on emotions and instincts, it says.

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Rashanda Pease, Waterloo, a senior at DeKalb Central, doesn't pay much attention to signs or horoscopes. She knew her zodiac symbol was Taurus; "just that it's the bull, and that tends to be , very bull-headed. Each of the 12 sun signs correspond with one of four elements: Fire, earth, air and water. Taurus is an Earth sign, as are Virgo and Capricorn. They are materialistic, practical and conservative, according to Astrology Insight, a companion site to Astrology Online.

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  • The elemental nature of the signs, as well as the planets said to guide each sign, are used to determine relationship compatibility. She would also go well with Sagittarius, Cancer and Capricorn, but would not be well suited to a Taurus, it says.

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    In complete opposition, however, is the Yahoo romantic compatibility site, provided by Astrology. Thompson hasn't delved far into the nature of the Pisces, she said. She reads her horoscope occasionally, and admitted she usually checks out the signs corresponding with her close friends too. She reads them out of curiosity, she said, noting they rarely ring true. Roosevelt Whitaker of Angola, a Cancer born between June 22 and July 22, said he used to read his horoscopes with a friend.

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    He found them to be true about half the time. Dennis Gagnon of Angola reads about his sign, Aries, a couple of times a week. He thinks he fits the Aries profile fairly well, though, noting that he may not be as pushy as the ram is made out to be. Shane Taylor of Pleasant Lake feels like he fits the description of a Libra. Libras, born between Sept. Taylor said his tendency toward logical thinking and avoiding conflicts also gel with the ways of the Libra, represented by a scale.

    Taylor reads his horoscope regularly on Yahoo, and even named his niche gift store in Angola Libra Enterprises. Fox doesn't base his life on horoscopes, he said, but might pay attention to any warnings contained in a reading. Fox popped up a site showing "The Death Clock," which allows one to type in one's birth date and other statistics and find out the exact date on which one is supposed to die. There are numerous schools of personal predictions, including Chinese horoscopes which classify people by the year they were born by assigning them the characteristics of an animal.

    Fox was born in , making him a rat. Librarians in the children's section at Eckhart library found out about Celtic astrology when researching trees and Arbor Day. It uses the month and day of birth to assign to a person a tree.

    Deb Argast of Auburn is a weeping willow: "Beautiful but melancholy, attractive, very emphatic, loves anything beautiful and tasteful, loves to travel Argast is a Dragon in the Chinese zodiac. Eis said she takes little notice of horoscopes. In her younger years, Lee read her horoscope every day. Now, Lee's religious beliefs tell her otherwise. Emily Ariel Knottnerus, a home-schooled year-old from St. Joe, said she doesn't read them because "I believe that the Bible says that you shouldn't.

    So click on your sign to see who you are the most compatible with, or click the sign of your love interest.

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    Remember true love conquers all, so don't be overly discouraged if you do not show up as compatible, it only means you will just have to try a little harder! For in-depth detail, Click your sign below, then on the next page you come to, click a mate! By clicking your sign, you go to another page where you select the sign you are most interested in. It's easy and fun! Dream Central.