Inter caste marriage horoscope

Without the involvement of 7th house no marriage can happen. If it is a Love marriage, we have to see the connection of 5th house also as 5th House represents Love and Romance. Connection between 5th house or Lord with 12th house or lord indicates affair with a foreigner. We have to see the condition of 9th house too. As 9th also represents long distance travel.

So if you get a foreign spouse, you will also travel to foreign countries. We have too all these combinations in Navamsa chart also. Navamsa is the main divisional chart for marriage.


So if these combinations are present in both Rashi chart as well as navamsa, we can safely say that there is indication of foreign spouse in kundli. If these planetary combinations satisfy only in Navamsa but not in Rashi chart, then also foreign spouse in astrology can be predicted. Lets discuss a Few Chart to know about Predicting Foreign spouse in astrology.

This chart Belongs to one of My friend. He is having Foreigner spouse. Look the close connection of 12th Lord and Rahu. The 12th Lord Mercury is placed in 5th house with Sun the 11th lord.

Vedic Astrology

Rahu is Placed in 7th house. Both Mars and Venus is aspecting the 12th house of foreign Land. So there are lot of Prominent combination for foreign Spouse in this Horoscope. Once a person reaches marriageable age, the marriage can happen in the Dasha of 7th lord or 12th lord or planets posited in the 7th house. Compatibility Check your love compatibility with your partner on the basis of numerology and predict how well you would connect with them.

Possibility of intercaste love marriage prediction

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Inter caste marriage By Murugubalamurugan

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Inter Caste Love Marriage Specialist

Those will beneficial for them to take further decisions related to their love marriage. Couples do come to him to get predictions about love inter caste marriage. An astrologer always gives the exact predictions. This makes the people to keep faith on him. Usually most of the people face the problems when they ever try to get married with their loved one.

Intercaste love marriage prediction

The societies always stand in front and oppose such decisions. Most of the loving couples do lose their hopes in such situations. They end their decision of inter caste love marriage. Caste, color, creed and religion have made many couples to end their dream of love marriage. But now love inter caste marriage in Pune astrology can avoid such problems.

If parents are the problem then one can solve this problem.

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No one has to ever wait for much to make parents agree for the inter caste marriage. A vashikaran is such astrological branch which has fulfilled the wish of many couples whose marriage is only facing problem because of inter caste. One can change the decision of parents with vashikaran spells and remedies. Astrology is also best for happy love inter caste marriage in Pune. There are many couples those who use the astrology for better loves inter caste marriage. Couples can never let any problem to come in their relationship and improves relation. Know about your future happening by our famous astrology predictions expert for your better future.