January 14 eclipse 2020 astrology

While this all sounds so bleak, take heart. There IS another side to this Saturn-Pluto conjunction and it has everything to do with testing your resilience.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses Worldwide –

Stress can either be a conductor toward your light or it can collapse your world, depending on your perspective. Even if your world seems to come undone early in the year, recognize that, if you choose to keep digging, you will unearth a level of strength inside of you that you couldn't have possibly known without these tests.

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This conjunction is not sentencing you to end your story. No, it is challenging you to rise to the occasion of your life and, ultimately, reach your full potential. A fascinating shift occurs for all once Saturn dips into Aquarius from March 21 - July 1, then goes into this sign full time starting December 17 and lasting until March That shift will pivot you outside of yourself and remind you that you are one tiny drop in a massive ocean of humanity.

Your responsibility toward the collective and to your fellow man will be stimulated.

Full Moon for January 2020

This will be the highest vibration of Saturn in Aquarius and, by the end of the year when Jupiter enters Aquarius December 19 and creates a perfect conjunction to Saturn December 21 , you will be ready to build a visionary foundation in a certain area of your life that can ultimately have a ripple effect on others. Aside from these incredibly dynamic cosmic shifts, will also be a year that both Venus AND Mars go retrograde. Between May 13 and June 25, Venus will retrograde in the intellectual sign of Gemini.

The first eclipse in the Gemini-Sagittarius series punctuates the middle of this retrograde cycle: on June 5, Venus Retrograde will oppose the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius.

All of this will square nebulous Neptune. This suggests a significant time for all, involving telling someone close to you the truth about a money or romantic situation from your past.

January 2020 lunar eclipse

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