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There are few solutions to overcome problems in our life, be it financial, relationship, health and etc. One of the most important solutions is by practicing rituals for our ancestors. Miracles take place after the rituals are done. Therefore, through this system you will learn the secrets how to appease your dead ancestors to get their blessings for greater health, wealth, prosperity and enlightenment. Astrology is not a final prediction, astrology only shows the potentials and the energies that influence. Siddha's principle tell you that you can get to your life purpose only when your karma has been wiped clean.

Tantra - Mantra - Yantra Astrology Services

When that happens an intense flowering happens, and both the material and spiritual worlds open up for you. You have a choice then on the abundance that you are presented with. Whether you take the spiritual or material route, one thing is certain: you have to completely eliminate your karma to even to get there. Sita asked Rama that she wanted to see the stones which had bridged the sea to Lanka. She had heard that they had floated as the Vanaras had chanted Rama's name.

Immediately, the "Pushpa Vimana" was put down in that place.

Rama picked up a rock and threw it into the sea. But rock which had floated when the Vanaras had chanted Rama's name, now sank even though it was thrown by Rama himself this time.


Everyone was surprised. Hanuman explained that they had written Rama's name 'Sri Ram' on the stones before throwing. That was only they had floated.

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If Rama were to do the same, he could made them float too. It happened as he had said it would. All can be changed with sound. All the world is made of sound Nada Brahmam. The Most important sound in your life is your name.

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